Azurite ™  RCA Interconnect Cables (Tuned Pair)

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This cable (pair) are ideal for running from DAC to Amplifier, and is also available in 30 cm for use with desktop stacks. Changing from a generic standard RCA cable to these in a high quality setup should present a more defined bass extension, clear crisp highs, presence and a higher wider sound stage: 

 PTFE coated ultra pure silver plated OCC copper in three strand diameter, skin effect pushes higher frequencies outwards towards finer strands and ending at the silver plating this method captures the entire frequency range without sacrificing the low end extension OCC copper is well known for.

*Cotton and Teflon filler dialectic is used to best balance cable strength and interference resistance with a custom designed shielding, PTFE outer casing, and braiding specifically engineered to reduce noise. 

Low mass fittings made of Tellurium Copper with 24k Gold Plating. 

Capacitance: < 125pF/m @ 25C