Andesine ™ Ultra-pF Audiophile Power Cable

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Our aim was to create an affordable super high performance mid to heavy duty Australian approved multi purpose AC Audiophile Power cable.

Made in Australia by A.L.A using silver plated high purity (copper) conductors deep Cryo treated and double active shielded; all while still maintaining a high level of flexibility.

Each Conductor is finely stranded 10 AWG within FEP insulation; an excellent electrical dialectic, helping to minimise capacitance to an ultra low 110pF/metre @ 25C and eddy currents a cause of channel cross talk.

Cotton is used to further insulate and proportionally centre conductors from the first shield, this first FEP shield is then wrapped in Milar and covered with an active braided silver plated copper shield to block RFI & EMI, all wrapped in a flexible silicone jacket.

The result is a ultra low resistance, low capacitance design made with the finest conducting and insulating materials available in a rugged, flexible, "user friendly" configuration.

The low impedance design has the ability to naturally reject noise and interference and it also radiates much less energy. This improves performance and lowers the noise floor allowing for superior reproduction of low level detail as well as dynamics.

  • Comes standard with Clipsal Gold plated AU mains connector and Oyaide C-029 Gold plated I.E.C C15 (Standard for most Audio Equipment) 

Optional add on:

  • Furutech Gold plated I.E.C and AU mains connectors
  • Furutech Rhodium Plated I.E.C and AU mains connector

Made In Australia, built to comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3112:2000 and AS/NZS 3112:2004.

Backed with a 1 year local warranty.