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AC mains Filter & DC Blocker

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AC Power DC Elimination and RFI/EMI Filter Circuit
Option 1: DIY Circuit 
Option 2 : Custom distribution box 
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Tired of noisy humming transformers' in your amplifier? eliminate DC interference caused by inverter air conditioners, electronic switching power supplies, refrigerators, washing machines phone chargers and other DC components. The second and third stages are dual-mode Siemens inductance RFI/EMI filter circuits.
This circuit is a DC elimination + dual-stage dual-mode filter circuit. The first stage uses high quality British Coilcraft inductor DC elimination circuit's.
The inductance is 2X3.333MH
This product is used for AC 240v providing pure AC power supply
British Coilcraft inductors, disassembled oil-immersed sound-sounding capacitors, 57 customized third-generation audio-specific DC elimination tubes 8, infinite capacitor BP25V2200UF
Note that this DC elimination + filter circuit uses Siemens common mode inductance to eliminate and prevent electrical noise caused by clutter and fluctuations in the mains AC power supply.
The DC elimination circuit composed of DC elimination tubes and capacitors eliminates and prevents the DC components in the mains AC power supply, and prevents the transformer from magnetic saturation or static current increase due to DC components

 Overvoltage protection and lightning protection.