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Audio AC Power Isolation Transformer 600 VA

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Isolate AC to prevent unwanted interference from other household electronics and nasty DC offset from ruining sine-waves entering your audio equipment.  

  • Australian Made Quality Units
  • All units are enclosed
  • All units include a noise minimising electrostatic screen, suitable for audio noise reduction.
  • Applications include Earth Loop removal in audio systems and the elimination of boating electrolysis.
  • Input voltage 240V ±10% 50Hz. Australian flexand plug
  • Output voltage 240V Unregulated. Australian female chassis socket


  • All units are enclosed
  • All units are Fully Australian Made and Quality
  • Input voltage 240V ±10% 50Hz. Australian flexand plug
  • Output voltage 240V Unregulated. 
  • One Australian female chassis socket
  • All units are double wound. Primary to Secondary fully insulated
  • Optional Electrostatic screen
  • All transformers incorporate “soft start” circuitry to eliminate inrush current problems during turn on.
  • All enclosures are metal, with white powder coat finish.
  • All enclosures are earthed on the input side
  • Test Voltage 3.75 kV AC RMS
  • All units are fuse protected on the 240V input side.
  • All units are made to AS/NZS 61558