1877PHONO THE LEGION OFHC Copper Power Cable 1.5m

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(Will come fitted with Furutech Australian 3 pin power plug)

The Legion consists of fine OFHC high purity copper conductors with a very high pitch per inch like that used on many European amplifiers and components from the 80’s and 90’s making it the ideal power cable to pair with these components which we consider come from one of the golden time periods for solid state Hi-Fi coming out of Europe.

Legion uses several size multi-strand bundles per core based on our own design engineering and testing. He uses a multi-layer shield but in a way that it does not restrict or strain the power flow allowing your equipment to get a pure steady, safe and uninterrupted power flow free from any distortion.




Is spaced layer insulation technique insulates this cable to an overall diameter of 23mm using a power cable inside a power cable design that is uniquely is own and adding to Legion’s signature sound.




The optimal pairing for Legion are amplifiers, tube amps, and high power flow components. Legion is not limited to just vintage equipment and many of our clients swear by its sound when it comes to using it with some today’s most elite components.




The Legion exudes power and grace allowing your system to feel unconstrained, and nourished with the correct amount of pure and steady power it demands.






99.998% Finland OFHC Copper

11AWG/Core (3X11AWG)

6 core cotton filler insulation

105C degree PVC

Tight Pitch Stranding

Full coverage shield and drain

Spaced layer extrusion 6mm

Anti-static direct braid jacket

Diameter 23.0mm

Connectors: 24k gold plated C15 IEC

(Is fitted with furutech AU power plug)

Length: 1.5m