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Audio AC Power Isolation Transformer 1000 VA

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Isolation Transformers – An isolation transformer is a transformer which is used to decouple two circuits, with the transformer coil winding's designed for an input/output voltage of 240/240V.

This type of transformer allows an AC signal or power to be taken from one device and fed into another without electrically connecting the two circuits. Isolation transformers block transmission of DC signals from one circuit to the other, but allow AC signals to pass. They also block interference caused by ground loops.

DC is a leading cause of transformer hum in large power Amps with toroidal transformers.

Isolation transformers with electrostatic shields are used for power supplies for sensitive equipment such as Amplifiers, DACS and High end Audio Equipment. 

Differential noise can magnetically couple from the primary to the secondary of an isolation transformer. This requires other measures, such as a filter, to block differential noise from the secondary of an isolation transformer.

Isolation transformers are also used for the power supply of devices not on ground potential as one option.

NOTE: Our isolation units include an On/Off Switch as well as Electrostatic Screening.

  • Australian Made Quality Units
  • All units are enclosed
  • All units include a noise minimising electrostatic screen, suitable for audio noise reduction.
  • Applications include Earth Loop removal in audio systems and the elimination of boating electrolysis.
  • Input voltage 240V ±10% 50Hz. Australian flexand plug
  • Output voltage 240V Unregulated. Australian female chassis socket


  • All units are enclosed
  • All units are Fully Australian Made and Quality
  • Input voltage 240V ±10% 50Hz. Australian flexand plug
  • Output voltage 240V Unregulated. 
  • One Australian female chassis socket
  • All units are double wound. Primary to Secondary fully insulated
  • Optional Electrostatic screen
  • All transformers incorporate “soft start” circuitry to eliminate inrush current problems during turn on.
  • All enclosures are metal, with white powder coat finish.
  • All enclosures are earthed on the input side
  • Test Voltage 3.75 kV AC RMS
  • All units are fuse protected on the 240V input side.
  • All units are made to AS/NZS 61558