Cheap Cables from AliExpress? Why pay more?

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Top 2 issues:

1. China do not yet have the manufacturing ability to create OCC copper, therefor any claim made that their cable is OCC copper is false. They use low grade bare copper. 

2. That Rhodium plating is not Rhodium I am sorry to break the news to you, and that gold plated copper, I'm sorry to say is gold painted Brass. So what.. save a few bucks, it looks cool... Wrong. That rhodium plating is actually chrome with a glossy paint over it, great way to improve electrical conductivity.... don't believe me, get a multi-meter and test the cables resistance!



Here is a set of audioquest cables from Ali-express, stated as being made of (Perfect Surface Silver)

As you can see in the image, the surface is far from perfect and made of what looks like coat hangers twisted together on one side, and not even sure what is used on the other side... 


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  • I got screwed a few times and can relate to this post, we had to scratch all the rhodium plating off just to get a half decent contact with wall AC outlet. Never again.

    John on

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